How good Brochure Design benefits Business

In today’s world of online-dominated marketing collateral, you might ask yourself,
“Do I really need a brochure design?”
The answer is absolutely.
And here are 5 reasons why:

An Unrivalled Trustbuilder

We consumers can be a sceptical lot. When making a purchase, we want—no, need to—trust who we are buying from. Making a purchase isn’t just something we do, it’s something we experience. An online presence undoubtedly helps to build these important relationships. But to lay the foundations for a strong rapport with your prospective buyers means embracing the power of one of the most prominent marketing tools around.
The brochure.
Open up a well designed brochure, and immediately your prospect is met with clear, concise information, and consumers can quickly find the facts they want and need. This makes it easier for them to justify purchasing your product.
In the customer’s eyes, an effective brochure represents a business that:

• Is reputable, and takes their operations seriously
• Is here to stay
• Has the client’s interests at heart

Accompanied by great design, this blend produces an image of respectability for your brand and an innate trust within the customer, both of which contribute to considerably improved brand loyalty. The whole process is very casual, non-pushy—but the results simply cannot be questioned.

Appeals to the Technophobes

Meet “John”.
“John” doesn’t own a computer and wouldn’t even know how to turn one on. He owns a landline phone only. His walls are stuffed with VHS cassettes. He uses the Yellow Pages to find phone numbers. He gets his news from the newspaper. He uses handwritten letters to communicate, and if he needs the weather report he turns on the radio.
Facebook? No chance.
Regrettably, advertisers seem to forget that for every handful of tech-savvy, impressionable targets there is at least one “John” that goes overlooked. With your well designed, targeted company brochure, you can reach out to this largely untapped segment of the market. People also tend to hang on to paper – providing it’s well written and has a great design of course!
When it comes to your company, it’s not just enough to exist online.
And, it’s not just these people that would appreciate a good old paper brochure that they can hold in their hands.
Sometimes, people just want to be “offline”.
Take clothes shopping for instance. For many, the idea of blindly buying clothes online without trying them on is an uncomfortable one. If your business deals with any goods that may fall into this category, a brochure could be exactly what you need!

Enhanced Professionalism

A brochure instantly adds credibility to your business, putting your brand directly in the hands of your customer.
A beautifully designed brochure, used to accompany a sales pitch, handed out at your trade show stall, or left to take away from your reception can inject an incredible amount of interest in your company.

To be able to physically hand over a brochure when face to face with a potential client is an invaluable early method of communication in the sales cycle. Plus, the company now benefits from a professional, organised image, and portrays you as a business ready for a sales conversation. The internet can never replace the offer of a glossy, professional brochure your client can take away and look over for themselves – so take advantage of this and ensure the design is top notch!

Allows for Targeted Marketing

An effective brochure can accomplish many things. Your company’s brand identity can almost jump off the page when done right—what makes you different from your competition, your values, mission statement, services, testimonials, a call to action—try squeezing those in a quarter-page print ad in the trade magazine!
Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: “If you’re marketing to everyone, you’re marketing to no one.”
Nowhere does this axiom run truer than in the world of conversion marketing.
That’s right—the one you’re dealing with the moment you release any form of brochure, flyer, website or any other marketing collateral.
Targeted advertising works. Ensure you don’t waste your advertising cash broadcasting your messages to the wrong people. With a little research on your ideal demographic, plus the right design tailored to suit, a targeted brochure’s rewards are potentially huge.
Consumers love being told a story, and the layout of a beautifully designed brochure allows you to do just that.
And if it contains targeted, relevant content that speaks to your demographic in a way they can identify with, the sheer potency of the humble brochure can truly be realised.

Cost Effective

Let’s state the obvious for a second – businesses need to make money.
TV and radio campaigns can run into the thousands.
However, a glossy brochure can cover an infinitely broader range of information than a 20-second television slot, and for a fraction of the cost.
To those of you seeking an affordable, effective avenue to marketing your business or product, the brochure should be top of your list!



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