Author & Illustrator School Talk – How a Book is Made

This is an ever popular talk among primary schools. Fiona Tierney (Author of ‘Look What Blew into the Zoo’ and ‘Peek at the Week in the Zoo’ ) and myself – the Illustrator – visit primary schools and libraries and tell the story of How a Book is Made.

We begin by telling the children how Fiona got her ideas for her books. We encourage them to think creatively with a short brainstorming session.

We then show them initial sketches for the characters in the book and how these characters are developed into full watercolour illustrations. We show them just how much pencil is used in drawing a book and the paints and pens used to “colour in between the lines!” The children enjoy hearing how the illustrations and written words are then brought together by the Graphic Designer and the first proof copy is produced. That’s where we check for any wrong spellings and fix them. From a designer’s  proof copy with all its “scribbles” the next stage is a final full colour proof page from the printer. Once approved the book is then printed and sent to book shops and libraries – where children can read these books.

The question and answer session is always wonderful and the children never cease to amaze us with their imaginations. It’s a fun, informative talk and one that I particularly love. It is aimed at Junior Infants to Second Class and adapted for the different age groups.

So a big “thank you” to the Belgrove Junior Boys, who we visited yesterday. We heard lots of their fantastic ideas for new characters for the book. Boys you are great listeners and we loved all of your questions.

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