Powerpoint Presentations

Avoid those Powerpoint Zzzs!

So there you are, sitting in the front row, eagerly awaiting the start of the presentation, when slide one appears onscreen. Several images and reams of text clutter the slide as the presenter begins reading word for word from the screen. Your eyes glaze over and your mind wanders to tonight’s dinner ingredients. And poof! Another presentation is doomed before it has even begun. If only they had asked us for advice about their Powerpoint Presentation Design.

Here are our Top Tips for avoiding this all too common presentation boredom. We can help you create your very best Powerpoint Presentation Design.

  1. KISS – Keep it simple….seriously! Use only a few lines of text per slide. It’s better to have more slides with less content than less slides that are over cluttered and lose their impact. Use that text sparingly.
  2. Start with a compelling title slide that sparks interest.
  3. Stick to one point per slide.
  4. Use one typeface family but use 2 or 3 different weights and sizes for emphasis.
  5. Use striking imagery. If you have original good quality professional photos then use them. If not, choose exciting stock imagery – and not always the obvious photo. Make a statement with your choice of imagery.
  6. Make sure you have strong contrast between your background colour and your text.
  7. Use a colour palette with a limited amount of colours. If you have brand guidelines, now is the time to dust them off and apply them to your presentation.
  8. Use simple animation effects (don’t go mad here – one or two effects at most and keep them consistent. Make sure you present in the Slide Show mode.
  9. Use infographic content to explain ideas or processes.
  10. Last tip: (and this one is a gem if we say so ourselves!) If you need a little bit of help or advice we’re here and happy to advise or guide.

The image here shows slides from our recent presentation for the LEO Women in Business Network.

A selection of Image-based slides from a Powerpoint presentation promoting bee-friendly seed planting
Sample slides from a presentation with DID Electrical branding, promoting the importance of Employee Recognition in the Workplace

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