How to Work with your Graphic Designer

If you haven’t worked with a graphic designer before, then you might not be sure of the process involved in getting your ideas for your business, from your head, into a finished design format.

But don’t worry – it’s not that difficult! Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of working with your graphic designer:

Firstly, your graphic designer’s job is to listen to you and communicate your ideas to inform and inspire your customers. They can help you with logo design, branding, brochures, reports, leaflets, flyers, posters, book & magazine layout, infographic design, advertisement design, packaging, signage and all manner of print materials. They can also translate your images for fast web viewing for online purposes.

1) The Design Brief:


When you first contact your graphic designer – it is important that you know and understand your intended goals. If your goals are clear to you, then it is easier for you to communicate them to your designer.

You can do this verbally or even with a simply sketched visual.  Don’t worry – we know that may not be your ‘thing’ but even the simplest of sketches can convey so much.

Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions about anything regarding the job that you are not sure of. These questions always help to clarify the project for both you and your designer.

Also, if you have a particular dislike of a style of design or colour, then do tell your designer at this stage, so that they can avoid using something that you will dislike at a later stage.

Background Information:

Ask your designer what they need from you in order to work on your project. The more background information you can supply to your graphic designer, the more they will understand what you and your business are about and that will result in a better finished job.

If you have a style/brand sheet with designated colours and fonts, do give a copy to your designer. That will ensure a consistent brand that your customer comes to recognise.


Make sure that the budget is discussed and agreed at this point of your job. Then both parties are clear as to what to expect and there are no ‘surprises’ at the end of the work. Ask for a quote for the agreed amount of work. Then, if you do need to change this as the job progresses, your graphic designer can supply you with an amended quote for the additional work.

2) The Work Process:

Once the brief has been delivered to the graphic designer, they will then begin to work on rough designs based on the information you supplied.

Normally these mock-ups or drafts are sent via email in a PDF format. That way – you get to see sample designs in full colour. (You won’t get to see the numerous sketches and doodles that are strewn on the designers desk! That’s part of the creative process!)

Now is the time to say what you think of the ideas. If you love them – Great! But if you are not happy or want things ‘tweaked’, it is equally important to say that now. Provide constant feedback to your graphic designer to ensure that they are on the ‘right track’ and that you are happy with the progress.

If you think a design is not working – say it now. The designer will improve on the design or move on to another concept.

Once the design has been finalised – make sure to proof your work before it goes off to the printer / web designer. This will avoid any costly mistakes.

3) Remember:

Your Graphic Designer is here to help you. A good designer will listen to you in order to fully understand your goals. They can also supply you with useful advice and input into your project.

The key to an excellent end result is good communication on both sides.


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