A Very Personal Adoption Story – Book Design


Book design has always been a huge interest of mine and this latest book design has been a delightful and joyful project to work on.


Adoption Book Design

The book tells the story of a little boy who was adopted by his new Irish mother. The story had to be depicted in a way that a small boy could comprehend his own life story. The design of each page needed to be child friendly and sensitive. The text was supplied by my client and the work began.




The book is filled with wonderful imagery from this little boy’s life – from the very early days, to his getting to know his new forever family.

After working on a few different styles for the book, we settled on this colourful and strong format. The book is coloured coded into sections. Early days, prior to the adoption, are in one colourful section and another bright colour was chosen to categorise when this gorgeous little guy met his new family. This will make it easy for him to find the photos he wants to see.



Illustration plays a big part in this life book and is linked in closely with the photographs that were supplied.




We wish our youngest client and his Mum many happy hours of reading this very special little story.




If you would like to make your own personalised book and would like to learn how to go about creating your project, feel free to call or email us for more information.

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