Logo Design Advice for Start Up Business

Business Logo Design Advice

Ever wondered how important logo design is to your  business and branding? 

We were delighted to have been recently invited by Kajsa Kinsella to submit an article offering our best business logo design advice to Kajsa’s readers.

The article refers, in particular, to new business start ups. You can read our list of Do’s and Don’ts for Logo Design below in Kajsa’s March Edition of the Self Starter.ie Magazine 

We’ve included lots of useful logo design tips in this article.

Here’s a sneak preview: Our main tip is to always look at logo design as an investment rather than an expense, at the very beginning of your business. If you get your logo design right from the very beginning, it saves so much work down the line, when you are well established and your logo just isn’t performing. In this case, you are probably looking at a complete rebrand. It also, crucially, creates strong brand recognition from the very beginning of your startup.

You can read more of our tips including how to find a good logo designer in the March Issue of the Self Starter Magazine below. Enjoy!

Kajsa’s Self Starter.ie Magazine is packed full of useful tips for Start Up Businesses with great articles and advice from a broad range of business people. Well done Kajsa on creating a throughly useful resource for new businesses.

Wishing you and your crew continued success.

You can see samples of our logo designs here.

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