Top Tips for Creative Design and Business Thinking

Our top tips for Creative Design and Business Thinking

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, creativity isn’t just a desirable trait; it’s an indispensable asset that fuels innovation, drives growth, and sets the stage for sustainable success. In an era defined by rapid change and strong competition, businesses must embrace creativity as a cornerstone of their strategic thinking.

Beyond merely generating novel ideas, fostering a culture of creativity cultivates adaptability, problem-solving prowess, and a unique edge in the market. From startups challenging industry norms to established corporations reimagining their approaches, the significance of creativity resonates across all sectors, underscoring its pivotal role in shaping the future of business.

In our design business, we are often asked how we stay creative. Here are some of the ways we promote creative thinking on a day-by-day basis. These tips are great not only for designers but also for business owners who want to keep their ideas fresh and innovative.

1. Draw, doodle, sketch, write and keep

Keep a notebook / diary and pen handy always. Fill it full of unselfconscious thoughts, doodles, simple sketches and inspirational ideas as they occur. Keep a scrapbook of images that you come across in your daily life that spark something in your imagination.  You can further develop your creative ideas from this simple starting point.

2. Get away from the desk and unplug from your devices

Take time away from emails and computers and look around and observe. Creativity in design and business needs external stimulus and that’s not something you can get from staring at a monitor. Take time to look around you, reflect and absorb.

3. Spend time in nature and stay mindful

Run, walk, cycle, swim or just sit and breathe… some of our best creative ideas occur when we’re out walking. Spending time in nature helps to reduce the stress which can block your creativity. Slow down and see inspiration all around you. Be mindful of your actions.

4. Keep hydrated

Drinking water and brain function are closely linked. A dehydrated brain can cause problems with focusing and memory. Staying hydrated feeds your brain and keeps you energised. This is all good for your creativity.

5. Visit galleries. museums and exhibitions

Inspiration adorns the walls and fills the display units in our art galleries and museums. Use these timeless venues for enhancing your creativity. See things from a different perspective. Surround yourself with beauty. A recent visit to The Design Museum in London was a fantastic chance for us to focus on excellent design ideas and their execution. The visit filled us with a renewed excitement for great design.

6. Read

Gather information from a variety of books, articles and authors. From reading books you can gain knowledge, insight, inspiration and information. You can escape and see things from different perspectives. There’s a whole world out there you can tap into and learn from.

7. Daydream

Let your thoughts wander and see where they lead. Often when great ideas occur ‘out of the blue’, it is a result of daydreaming and letting the mind expand. Letting go of conscious thought is a known way to boost creativity.

8. Find your best time of day

Early morning, midday or late in the evening, everyone’s internal clocks differ. So find a space in your day where you can best spend time reflecting on your inner voice. This is another sure way to increase your creative design and business thinking.

9. Take risks – do something differently

So do that thing that scares you. What’s stopping you? When you do it and overcome that fear, you will have changed your thought process and improved your creativity.

These are some of our top tips for boosting our creativity in the work we do. We’d love to hear how you boost your creative thinking.

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